WebCamps Presentation on IE9 and HTML5

imageOn March 17th I had the opportunity of participating in the WebCamps hosted by Microsoft Argentina. Miguel honored Johnny and me allowing us to do the IE9 & HTML5 presentation the day IE9 was launched, which happened to be the same date of the WebCamps.

Throughout the session we showed a couple of cool sites created with HTML5 and then we built an HTML5 weather widget from scratch highlighting the use of:

  • New CSS features like border-radius, opacity
  • Web fonts (@font-face)
  • Canvas
  • Video
  • SVG
  • The new JavaScript selectors

The session was recorded and it will be available soon in Channel9. In the meantime you can watch it at the local site Puerta de Enlace


Our demo was based on the WebCamps training kit material:

I’ve uploaded the slide deck we used and the demo script. Feel free to reuse it and spread the word on HTML5 with IE9!


Published: April 09 2011

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