FabrikamShipping: SaaS Application built on top of Windows Azure

Back in 2007 I had the pleasure of working with people like Eugenio Pace and Gianpaolo Carraro, eimagexploring the unexplored territories of “software delivered like electricity”. We did LitwareHR together, the first software as a service sample application released by Microsoft… At that time I was looking for the topic of my thesis and Eugenio encouraged me to write about Software as a Service. The word cloud computing was going to appear in Wikipedia in November 2007

Fast forward to October 2010, Microsoft is in a much better position to give guidance about building this kind of applications. I think because there are better tools (ie. the whole Azure offering) and more demand for these kind of app models.

In this context, last week Vittorio Bertocci released “FabrikamShipping in SaaS Sauce”. I’m really happy to be able to participate and help in the development of this solution with the rest of the Southworks team (iaco, pc, lito, nacho, nico and the QA team) and Vittorio as usual does a great job explaining what this is about in the intro video.

Since there is a lot to cover and there are things that the community will benefit from, I will write some posts about the app covering different topics from the dev point of view. logo

  • A reusable pattern for building subscription based apps on the Windows Azure platform
  • General-purpose onboarding UI engine
  • Full isolation and multi-tenant application deployment styles
  • Integration with PayPal Adaptive Payment APIs for one-time and preapproved continuous payments
  • How to run complex processes in Worker Roles, including compensation logic and handling external events
  • Message-activated task execution
  • Handling notifications
  • Automated provisioning
  • Email notifications
  • Dynamic Source Code customization and creation of Windows Azure packages via CSPACK from a worker role
  • Creation of SQL Azure databases from a worker role
  • Self-service authorization settings
  • Using the Access Control Service (ACS) Management API for automating access and relationship handling
  • A fully functional user onboarding system from multiple web identity providers, including account activation via automate mails
  • Multi-tenant MVC application authentication based on Windows Identity Foundation (WIF)
  • Securing Odata services with ACS and full WIF integration
  • ...and much more

Published: October 11 2010

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