PDC09 and the last 3 months…

Wow, 3 months since my last post… Lots of things happened. We’ve been working with James Conard’s team from Microsoft DPE on the PDC09 keynote demos, specifically the Platform Converge demo (Doug Pourdy) and the VS2010, AppFabric, NET4, WIF demo (by Cameron Skinner, read more in his post). We also helped delivering the training kits (identity, vs2010, azure, etc.) and the labs that were available on PDC. Tim and Johnny posted more details about this.

Being part of the making of a PDC keynote was very interesting. We had meetings with Partner Architects and Distinguished Engineers of the different Microsoft product groups. You get to learn a lot about politics in those meetings ;).

Once again we worked closely with Vittorio on Windows Identity Foundation content which was RTMed. David and Ryan on Azure and Jonathan Carter on Tailspin among other things. Finally, thanks all the team @ Southworks for the great support pre-PDC.

On a related note, the last month we worked hard with Eugenio, Erwin, the team at patterns & practices, Fede Boerr, Keith, Dominick to deliver a printed preview of the Claims Based Identity & Access Control Guide. Limited copies were distributed on the WIF booth and p&p booth at PDC and the book was very well received. We’ll be soon reaching a milestone and publish the following chapters:


Well, I had to catch-up with the blog… hopefully will keep the pace now.

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