Windows 7 Screencast – Taskbar, OverlayImage, ProgressBar, Thumbnails

I’ve been running Windows 7 since PDC 08 (almost an year already) and it’s certainly a step forward (perf and reliability wise). It’s also interesting to see new features and APIs available for developers, especially around user experience.

As part of the Windows 7x7 campaign I recorded a screencast together with Ezequiel Jadib about these new capabilities of Windows 7.

We did an interesting exercise of grabbing an existing application and adding the following features:

  • Notification of online/offline in the taskbar icon
  • Notification of progress on the taskbar icon when sending the pending orders
  • Thumbnails shown on hover with commands that change the active snowboard table

Here is a screenshot of the result:

Adding the features was a blast, the API is reaaaally simple. Damian and Ezequiel did it in record time! Also, Damian has a great blog where he shares lots of tips and how-tos related to WPF, Silverlight, Prism and what not. He will post soon about the implementation details…

The screencast is in spanish but you still can see the pieces of code. Download the code of the app.

Published: August 11 2009

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