Drink the red token – debug your claims-aware apps

Another identity development widget brought to you by Vittorio’s team. This time it’s a very tiny control called clip_image002SecurityTokenVisualizer that helps debugging claims-aware web applications. But the thing I like of this control is that it can also be used as a teaching tool, very useful for demos by the way. Last week we “dogfooded” it during the Iteration Review of an identity-related project and the audience made the click when we expanded the red small pentagon that shows the behind the scenes.

Simply drag and drop the control on any page and it will render a collapsible table with

  • Issued Identity claims
  • Delegated Identity claims
  • The raw SAML token (in a textarea)
  • The SAML token properties (validfrom, validto, audience, signing certificate, etc.)
  • The certificate used for token decryption

As usual, read the details on Vittorio’s blog.

Published: June 30 2009

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