Performance back to back at CodeCamp 08

Tomorrow I will be at CodeCamp talking about performance on two different presentations. One of them is aimagebout the front end performance of web applications (a similar talk to the one presented at MIX last june), but this time I will do it with Paulo Arancibia. In the other presentation I will join Federico Boerr and together we will try to demystified performance and load testing based on real world experience. Since the audience will be half students and half professional developers, we decided to do both presentations in a extremely pragmatic fashion, showing tips & tricks. The deck of one of the presentations has just 3 slides! I will post them after the event, but here you have a preview:
image image
Presentation (3 - 4 PM): 14 rules for web app performance improvement Presentation (4:15 - 5:15 PM): How To: Perf and Load Testing
  On the other hand, Southworks is one of the sponsors of the event and several other southies will be presenting as well (actually 7 presentations, wow!): Southworks will have a booth as well, so feel free to stop by for some geek talks!
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