MIX Essentials - High Performance Web Sites with ASP.NET

Last week, June 4th, together with Pablo Costantini (a coworker specialist on web technologies) we delivered a presentation about high performance websites at the local MIX event. There is a well known book from Steve Souders, former Chief Performance Officer of Yahoo! called High Performance Web Sites and we based the presentation on it, and also showed how to implement the rules using Microsoft technlogies (ASP.NET in particular)

The attendees gave us good feedback saying that the presentation was pragmatic and straight to the point.

In my opinion, this book and the tips we gave are things we usually oversee in web applications that can really make a difference on user experience. We achieved 40-50% of response time reduction by applying them and the effort is virtually zero.

Feel free to reuse the deck and the demo that are published here.

Published: June 10 2008

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