Web Client Software Factory is out!

Go get it from http://msdn.microsoft.com/webclientfactory

Lot of stuff shipped:

  • PageFlow Application Block: design the navigation process of a web application using a state machine from Windows Workflow Foundation.
  • Composite Web Application Block: helps you build web clients composed of independent, yet cooperating, modules and increase productivity and reduce overall development time through consolidating architect and developer efforts. From the wiki:
    • Decompose a complex Web site into independent visual and non-visual parts that can be built, assembled, and deployed by independent teams.
    • Minimize cross-team dependencies that allows team specialization for areas such as UI design, business logic implementation (business logic development may occur across multiple teams), and infrastructure code development.
    • Utilize an architecture that promotes reusability across independent teams.
    • Increase the quality of applications by abstracting common services that are available for the independent teams to use.
    • Promote proven practices for security without requiring everyone to be a security expert.
    • Incrementally deploy new capabilities while minimizing downtime.
    • Maximize the coverage of automated tests in the code base.
  • Object Container DataSource: this is a web control similar to ASP.Net ObjectDataSource but instead of relying on a class that provides you with data it will raises events when it needs the data or when the data contained changes (insert/update/delete). This design allows the view (Web page) to delegate the responsibility of performing select operations, update operations, delete operations, and insert operations to the presenter.
  • Web Client Development Automation: I posted about this already.
  • QuickStarts: these are the quickstarts included: View-Presenter (with Application Controller), ObjectContainerDataSource, Modularity, Page Flow, Page Flow with Shopping Cart
  • A Reference Implementation: this is a banking application inspired in a real world example to demonstrate the guidance in action.
  • Documentation, How-Tos, patterns, etc.: available when you install the factory and soon to be published in the codeplex community

It was 6 months of hard work and it was great working again with the patterns & practices team: Blaine (PM), Eugenio (PDM), Mike (Dev Lead), Ed (Architect), Johnny (Dev), Mariano (Dev), Alan (Dev), Bob(Dev), Dragos (Architect), Tim (Tech writer), Juan Carlos (Dev), Prasad (Test) and Terrence (Test).

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