patterns and practices Smart Client Software Factory (SCSF) 2006 shipped!

As Peter announced and Eugenio already hinted, the first pattern & practices Software Factory has been released. Go download it from here.

I had the pleasure to work with the Smart Client Software Factory team the past two months. We did a great effort to ship with lots of features, how-tos, reference implementations, automated guidance for Visual Studio 2005, new patterns, all related to CAB, Smart Client and the UX area in general.

The following picture has been taken the day previous to the release at 11:30pm. This is only half of the team.


From right to left: Deiva (testing), Eugenio (PDM), Blaine (PM), Alan (Dev Lead) and me

It's been great working with these guys!

What's next? Hands-On-Labs for Developers and Architects, a ClickOnce
chapter, VB Guidance packages, and a few other surprises.

Published: July 06 2006

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