Working in Microsoft

I've arrived to Redmond the last week. So far, it was a great week working in the Smart Client team from patterns & practices

We are implementing the Smart Client Software Factory and tackling common problems that happens when you develop Smart Client applications using CAB
- How to handle multiple modules (UI; Services; Layout) and use a new IModuleLoaderService, IModuleEnumerator written by Brad Wilson
- How to manage authentication, authorization, impersonation and roles
- How to handle multiple layouts for a single shell
- How to design for multiple Workitems
- How to share domain model objects on the workitem using ComponentDependency
- How to write a new Workspace, CommandsAdapters and UI Elements
- How to work with Databinding an MVP
- How to write a reusable presenter
- How to unit tests CAB applications

... and more stuff coming like loading on demand modules with ClickOnce, Profile Catalog in a central location, etc.

BTW, so far working with the team was a great experience and of course the new patterns & practices space rocks for collaborative teams!



Published: May 20 2006

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