CAB Outlook bar

Chris Holmes, an active member of the CAB messageboards, blogged about
how to create an outlook bar and the corresponding CAB classes. Here you have a snapshot:


You can register the Outlook Bar...

OutlookBar outlookBar = RootWorkItem.Items.AddNew<OutlookBar>();

RootWorkItem.UIExtensionSites.RegisterSite("OutlookBar", outlookBar);

Then you can add/remove buttons to the bar...

Button button = new Button();

button.Text = "Payroll";

button.Image = MyProject.Modules.Payroll.Properties.Resources.payroll;



RootWorkItem.Commands["LoadPayrollWorkItem"].AddInvoker(button, "Click");

...and smartparts as well.

SomeSmartPart smartPart = this.Items.AddNew("OutlookBarSmartPart");


Finally, another way to design this control is by creating a
custom IWorkspace that accepts a smartpart and a smartpartinfo that
holds the button information so you can do something like this:

OutlookBarSmartPartInfo info = new OutlookBarSmartPartInfo();

info.Text = "Payroll";

info.Image = MyProject.Modules.Payroll.Properties.Resources.payroll;

RootWorkItem.Workspaces["OutlookBar"].Show(smartPart, info);

Published: April 23 2006

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