Architects meeting at Microsoft Argentina

Last week Roberto Schatz, DPE Architect, and Ramiro Iturregui, ISV Developer, organized an Architects meeting at Microsoft, Argentina. Eugenio Pace, Product Manager for patterns & practices, and me, talked about many exciting things including:

  • The current status of the patterns & practices group. Patterns & practices won’t be an isolated group anymore; they will be part of a product team that will enroll Visual Studio Team System, p&p and MSF together.
  • What patterns & practices been working on? In the UX area CAB was broadly adopted and now the SCBAT (Smart Client Baseline Architecture Toolkit) is what the developer needs to create a Smart Client application. Including guidance right into Visual Studio 2005 using GAT (right-click -> Add Cab Module, etc), documentation, hands on labs, and two reference implementations showing how to manage offline scenarios, multiple modules, role-based UI, among other things.
  • There is news also in the services area (everything that goes from the proxy to the database). The SVCBAT (Service BAT) now renamed to Web Service Software Factory, has been launched and the first drop is available. I encourage you to download it and give feedback about your needs in this space.

 Finally, we did some Q&A and gathered some feedback. There were interesting questions about the past, the present and the future of p&p deliverables. Thankfully, some attractive croissants entered the room because I was starving already. J

Angel Lopez who was there and blogged about it

Published: April 13 2006

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