Hey SVC-BAT is out there!

Don Smith announced today that Service BAT Service Factory is finally a public project. I've been part of this project since the beginning of the year and I can tell you that I'm pretty excited about it. Jason Hogg said that this were going to change the way we develop SO applications.

This is a great moment for people writing Service Oriented apps using Microsoft technologies!

First, if you are not aware of patterns & practices latest activities, let me tell you that they've been creating BATs, Baseline Architecture Toolkits, which are more than App Blocks. They cover the whole thing! The first one was the SC-BAT (for Smart Client apps using CAB) which was more than successful. So here is the definition:

 What is a BAT? A BAT is a collection of various forms of guidance (written guidance like patterns, reusable code like application blocks, executable code like reference implementations, and guidance packages embedded in Visual Studio) to help .NET developers and architects build a certain kind of application.

What is the scope of Service BAT Service Factory? In short, from the proxy to the database.

Join this project if you want to
  • Write Service Oriented apps using WCF or ASMX
  • Leverage the best practices and the experience of a 50 recognized experts in the field (the advisor board) and a group of Redmond brainees
  • Automate the menial tasks of creating a Service by leveraging the use of GAT
  • If you were looking for the Grail on writing backends for Enterprise Applications :)
  • Solve most of the cross-cutting concerns (Exception Shielding, Logging, Versioning, Security, Data Entitlement, and more)
  • Align to WCF
  • Have great tooling for WCF
See you there!

UPDATE: want to see some early screenshots? look at Edward Bakker post. Christian Weyer also blogged about it.

UPDATE 2: Service BAT was rebranded. Now it's Web Service Software Factory.
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