SC-BAT patterns and practices workshop - Redmond, Microsoft

It's been a long week here in Redmond. The workshop was really good showing
the latest patterns & practices stuff in the UX area: CAB and GAT

I’m glad I was able to help during the labs and all of you
guys were really good working with CAB. The level of your questions was way too
much! :)

I had the opportunity to put some faces to my daily blogs (Brad Wilson, Peter Provost, Sam Gentile, Wojtek Kozaczynski, and more) and also talk
with very smart people.

I also met Andres
from Deklarit, Gabriel Lopez from Infocorp
and the guys from Clarius were also

Andres, you still have to show me what you guys did with Deklarit and CAB! I hope that we will meet in a
place near Argentina or Uruguay the next time :)

These are some pictures I took


The lab full and the guys standing there are me, Juan Carlos

Elichirigoity and Wojtek


Eugenio did a great job this week and I finally endup doing the hardwork.


At the end of the day Ale Jack and me eating Pizza in... who knows where


Published: March 18 2006

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