EDRA Hands On Labs for the community!

Southworks is pleased to announce the release of its EDRA Workshop material to the community!

This course has been delivered to over 65 companies in different industries like Banking, Finance, Insurance, Health and Automotive all around the world during the last year (including places like Argentina, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Mexico, Sweden and Uruguay). Some of these workshops were co-hosted by Microsoft regional offices.

The material includes ALL THE HANDS ON LABS and the source code!

These are the labs you’ll find:

  • MODA01 Installing EDRA
  • MODA02 Creating a sample solution
  • MODA03 Implementing Authenticate Use Case
  • MODA04 Implementing Funds Transfer Use Case
  • MODA05 Implementing Bill Payment Use Case
  • MODA06 Implementing UIP in Funds Transfer Use Case
  • MODA07 Implementing Account Summary Use Case
  • MODA08 Instrumentation with EIF
  • MODA09 Multilanguage implementation of Home Banking.pdf
  • MODA10 Creating an EDRA Handler - IdentityImpersonate
  • MODA11 Generating Unit Tests using NUnit 2.2

This is the same material used by the instructor lead course!

If you want to take a brief look at how they look, download the HOL PDFs from the EDRA workspace

Download the full version of the HOLs

Published: July 28 2005

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