Great week! (Chile)

This week I did an architecture review together with German Marin, from Microsoft Consulting Services Chile for an MS partner, Novared, who is willing to implement a large application including Biztalk in the Middleware to conceive a unique customer database. Novared wanted to make the decision whether to use or not MBI 3 as the business framework in cooperation with Biztalk.

Happily, after one week implementing a proof of concept they decided that MBI will be the framework they will use from now on for their applications. Indeed, they realized that using it, will lead to:

  • shorter development time;
  • better support; 
  • improvement on the development team workload distribution;
  • enhaced quality on the solution;
  • opportunity to create a base framework and have isolated development teams that implement the business actions
  • and some other benefits.

The proof of concept included among other things:

  • Single and Batch actions;
  • Command Pattern & Service Oriented approach; 
  • Request-Response sync communication with Biztalk 2004 orchestations;
  • Business Event publishing using Output Providers;
  • use of the MSMQ transport to inject data to Biztalk; 
  • discussion of BAM (Business Activity Monitoring) in conjuction with MBI;
  • Authorization Manager (AzMan) integration within MBI;
  • Extensibility and Flexibility of the pipe & filters pattern;    

I'm leaving Chile with a lot of ideas spinning on my head. Specially regards EDRA / MBI 3 / Biztalk Server 2004 integration. I splashed the first ideas on under: EDRABiztalkIntegration

Published: January 07 2005

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