Visual Studio Team System (VSTS) Rocks!

Let me say first, that it just rocks! From my point of view, all the issues I see in VS.Net and all the features I would like my IDE have, are there.

High points

  • Application Connection Designer: diagram your applications logically like you would do with Visio, and generate a skeleton (including web apps, webservices, windows app, webreferences, databases (sql server), and more) 
  • Portfolio: This new concept group everything related to a project. Integration with Windows Sharepoint to manage documents. Everything in one place!
  • Templates for different guidelines: MSF Agile, MSF Formal, XP, and more comming...
  • Whole testing suite: including code coverage, unit testing
  • Source Control revamped: over http, prepared for distribuited teams. Integrated with ide, you can choose the plugin you want (availables: Source Safe, Source Safe Remote, VSTS)
  • Class designer: keeps the code in sync with the pseudo-uml and viceversa.
  • Integration: everything is based on ws, and the model is very extensible 
  • Office: export/import work items to Excel, Project, etc.

Low points

  • Installation: you need 3 vpc, one for the application tier (VSTS), another for Database tier with sql server 2005 express, another for the client with 2005. Future releases will allow the app and data tier together.
  • Source Control: the UI is still the same (check, locker, etc). I think it would need a redesign to keep the user mind out of the sourcesafe camp which has a bad connotation.
  • Class designer: drawings are not standard UML


Published: October 22 2004

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